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Seminar on a National Produced Water Vision and Planning - Shared screen with gallery view
NMSU (Frank)
Please mute mic if you are not speaking. thank you!
Shellie Chard
The slide is tiny. Can we make it bigger?
Rebecca Roose
look at "view options" at top of your screen. you can tailor the size.
NMSU (Frank)
Hello everyone. please see 'view options' at the top of your screen to adjust viewing options. Thank you.
Rebecca Roose
Email NMED at pw.environment@state.nm.us)More information online at https://www.env.nm.gov/new-mexico-produced-water/, including FAQs prepared jointly by NMED, EMNRD and OSE.
Claudio Ternieden
Hi Adam - hope all is well! Congrats on AWWA opening up ACE virtual registrations - WEFTEC opened up today as well.
Rebecca Roose
All, I have to leave the webinar. It's going really well but have to attend to other matters. Thank you!
Claudio Ternieden
I am here through this session if you want to have a broader discussion.
Mike Paque
Rebecca, thanks for being on and helping with questions.
Mike Paque
It looks like we will finish with a little time to spare. That will leave time for John/Shellie to talk and I might have a few comments, depending upon time left. If any panelist still on wishes to add a comment, or answer a question, just say so in CHAT, or " Raise your Hand".
Mike Paque
Jeff-any final comments ?