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Food and Nutrition in a Changing World - Shared screen with speaker view
Ashley Dunworth
Good morning Judith!
Cassandra Vanderpool
Feel free to contact me with any technical issues: Cassandra Vanderpool cvpool@nmsu.edu
Mimi Ludden
Good morning Everyone!Happy Friday!My name is Guillermina Osoria!I am a Certified Community Health Worker & Pathways Navigator for The IDHCC/ECM.I am also Certified Lifestyle Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program.go.idhcc.1@gmail.com505-595-1396
Ashley Dunworth
Good morning! Welcome to the meeting
Ashley Dunworth
If you would like to change your video name, you can do that by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of your screen and click Rename. Type in your name
Cassandra Vanderpool
If you have a question for Judith or Dianne, please type it in a private chat to Ashley Dunworth.
Ms. Gigi Osoria
How can I be apart of the NM Diabetes Team?
David Vigil
Judith, you are an amazing leader. Enjoy your retirement.
Jill Joseph
Hello Guillermina- the team at NM DOH Diabetes Prevention and Control Program can also reach out to you about our work.